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Handy tips on using the Ford GoBike program

Tired of those long walks during your daily commute? The Ford GoBike program may be the perfect solution for you. Started in 2013 and initially called the “Bay Area Bike Share,” the short-term rental program offers an affordable and eco...

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Why choose a start-up over a large brokerage firm?

In buying or selling a home, choosing the right Realtor to work with is crucial. You will want to work with someone you can fully trust and you know will always work for your best interest. One of the decisions you have to make is choosi...

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What makes RezList different

If you’re buying or selling a home in the dynamic community of San Diego or East Bay, finding the right Realtor to work with can be quite challenging. It pays to check and compare the services offered by various brokers and real estate pr...

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How virtual tours affect your real estate listing

The use of virtual reality or VR technology has already transitioned from novelty to game changer in the real estate industry. Gone are the days when all it takes for a listing to stand out are fancy photos and detailed descriptions. Virtua...

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5 emerging trends in the housing market in 2018

Whether you’re planning on looking for a new home or selling your current one this year, one of the best ways to get ready is to be aware about some of the emerging trends in today’s real estate market. Gathering information on the late...

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Best day trips in and around San Diego

On any given day, you will always find something amazing to see and do in San Diego. The beaches, trails and bustling downtown offer a ton of enjoyable activities. And if you feel like getting away from the city for a day, you’ll find ple...

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RezList mobile app vs. other real estate apps

With most homebuyers starting their property search on the internet, mobile apps have become important tools in real estate marketing. You will find numerous such apps on the market today, including those from the largest listing sites like...

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Market update for Pacific Beach real estate

The coastal community of Pacific Beach is highly sought-after by young professionals who are drawn to the area’s lively beaches and exciting nightlife. It’s also gaining popularity among growing families, thanks to the wide array of fam...

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