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We would be most happy to write a glowing testimonial to our realtor and true friend, Nate Winnett. Nate is one of the best human beings we know and certainly the best realtor we have ever known. He has been working with us for more than ten years to find a house in San Diego. He helped our son, a submarine officer, buy his first home in San Diego and has worked night and day to help us buy our retirement home close by to our son’s home. Our son’s commitment to the Navy made it impossible to stay in his home for the past year (he got stationed at the sub base in Groton CT) and we are not quite ready to retire, so both of our homes need to be rented for a time.

That is not Nate’s responsibility, but he jumped right in and facilitated the rentals for us. The first night our tenants moved in, the plumbing backed up. Nate went right over to the house and got an emergency plumber to fix the problem. He is now aiding in the negotiations with the former owner to recoup our losses for the plumbing problem. He deserves a medal for service above and beyond the call of duty. We cannot say enough good things about this wonderful man and the superlative service he has provided to our family.