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What You Can Do with Your Savings from Utilizing Our Flat Fee Model
By rezlist-chime-me May 06, 2019


Live music is, without a doubt, one of the greatest things to experience, especially when it’s coming from one of your all-time favorite bands. Every part of the process from the few days leading into the show to hearing your favorite track on the ride home from the venue is pure magic… Unfortunately, there is one part you just can’t wrap your head around.

Ticket charges…

A $17-dollar service fee on a $35-dollar ticket? What did the middleman do, anyways? Intangibly hold electronic tickets for 5 minutes? Wouldn’t it be great if the industry offered a full-service flat fee that wasn’t inexplicably high?

Believe it or not, consumers tolerate this behavior daily, as transactions are brokered in an evolving world, allowing for less and less effort to reach even more potential customers.

This is what we’re combatting… we’re here to make the most important transactions of your life simple, while getting you the absolute best deal; we’re here to help sell your home.

We offer a full-service experience at a flat-fee so you can do more with your hard-earned capital.

A broker’s commission percentage is high, and home prices are only getting higher, so you need to do what’s necessary to keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

Great, What Exactly Does that Look Like?

You’ve started the search for your next home, however, you’re not sure on how to go about selling your current property.

This is where you decide between finding an agent to list your home, granting them a 3% commission fee on top of the sale price, or listing your home on Rezlist for a flat closing fee.

So what’s the cost?

$3,999 for any home selling equal to or less than $850,000 ($750,000 in Arizona)

$5,999 for any home selling for more than $850,000 ($750,000 in Arizona)

1% for any home selling for less than $400,000

That’s it? No percentages or hidden fees? So what’s the catch? Well… there isn’t one.

Let’s run through a quick scenario…

Your current home is worth $1,000,000. Traditionally, an agent will collect a 3% commission on top of that sale price at closing. That’s a whopping $30,000!

Refer back to our cheat sheet a few lines above. This property falls into the second category: a flat listing fee of $5,999 will be collected at the closing of your current home.

You’re saving 80% in listing fees! Eighty. Percent.

We began our careers as real estate agents rather than engineers because we absolutely love helping people like you, much more than doing complex mathematics.

Fortunately, we can still do some basic arithmetic… and that’s a big number.

More importantly, our relationship doesn’t stop right after we list your property… We have an extensive checklist of pivotal events that we tackle together before, during, and after the sale that provide a seamless transaction on a roadblock-free trajectory.  

So you’re walking away with an extra $24,000 after closing. What do you do with the new capital? Use it for you of course! Let’s brainstorm just in case.

Ideal Home to Dream Home

Throughout your search for a new home there may be a few choices that are right on the cusp of being a dream come true.

Would a new paint job or picket fence bump a runner-up into your top three? Maybe a quick appliance upgrade would create the kitchen of a lifetime in your current number one choice?

Good news is, you can factor these costs into your new home purchase; don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get exactly what you want with the extra padding in your pocket.

Truth is, home buyers often get stuck in the downward-DIY spiral, making endless lists of improvements that they promise they’ll do themselves.

Do what you can to stay away from unrealistic expectations, especially around a life event as large as settling into a new home. The last thing you want to focus on is having to demo an old bathroom… you should be enjoying your new home!

Other Life Events

Did you know that only 40% of Americans are currently able to pay for a $1,000 unexpected life expense? A weekend hike could turn into a $2,000 medical bill with the right amount of uneven gravel. Are you ready for the unexpected?

If you’re taking the next step towards home ownership you’re, most likely, not worried about tripping over a rock into some life altering medical bills. However, the savings from working with RezList and our flat fee full service experience can keep you in the clear, even in that kind of scenario.

Are the kids getting ready for their first year of college? Maybe they’re going out of state? Maybe you’ve budgeted for that as well, but now you can get your daughter out of her 1998 Toyota Camry as a nice graduation gift. She needs a laptop and books for her first semester too? Don’t worry about it… if she didn’t go for the Mercedes there’s still some savings left.

So, is saving 80% in listing fees still something you’re interested in?

We’d love to help you through the process.
Give us a call: (858) 291-8555

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