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Our Value to Probate and Divorce Attorneys
By rezlist-chime-me June 05, 2019


One of the most tried and true methods of expanding your business is through client referrals. A great salesman can turn one client into four more, with those four continuing the exponential potential for growth.

Unfortunately, we may find ourselves in harder situations where referrals aren’t the best idea due to conflicts of interest or other unique situations.

Two applicable scenarios involve divorce and probate attorneys, as an unbiased professional experience is necessary in the most timely manner. Both of these situations often involve selling property, and the midst of a divorce or passing of a family member are two situations that hamstring all parties’ abilities to effectively participate in the process.

Let’s run through a few scenarios.

Divorce Attorneys

Although divorce rates continue to fall throughout the 21st century, population continues to drive upwards all around the country consequently evening the incidence of divorce.

If divorce is agreed upon, a vast majority of cases will involve the primary residence being sold to split the revenue in the settlement.

In this situation, a referred real estate agent from either party would clearly be considered biased, as a one party may indirectly benefit from the commission while being shown special treatment.

The midst of a divorce is also no time to attempt to agree on an agent that neither party is familiar with.

In this case, Rezlist acts as an unbiased third-party to everyone involved, as our flat-fee, full-service model saves all parties money compared to a traditional sale with an agent.

In the end, no extra fees are paid to a broker, no time is spent looking for an agent, and the full service experience is kept intact.

Probate lawyers

Throughout the probate process, there are often more than two parties involved, compared to our previous scenario; both parties are also present to discuss and agree upon terms.

In the event of probate, things are often passed on in more than two different directions and bias is much less of a problem, but time and money should be maximized as efficiently as possible.

At this point in the process, the group would begin to interview realtors with sufficient probate experience to get through the entire proceeding as quickly as possible.

This is where the group could decide to work with Rezlist and list the property for a one-time flat-fee. Similar to the above scenario, Rezlist’s involvement in this transaction removes the need to find and interview an agent, while maximizing the final sale price for distribution amongst those in the probate process.

We’d love to speak some more about either opportunity. Save our contact info and we’ll save everyone time and money.

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